Electric punk rock up your faces!

Our split 7” with Andrew Cream is out now and we’re excited!

Some of our upcoming shows! Some of our upcoming shows!

Some of our upcoming shows!

This is a thing which is happening!!!1

Don Blake - Journey Into Mystery

We made a music video for our ode to Thor/your hometown being boring/things not being as bad as you think they are! The song is available as part of P.O.P. Music, on our Bandcamp page!

Scotland Tour: successful!

We’re back from our 3 dates in Scotland with The Murderburgers and it was the best time. I want to go back and drink ginger and eat tatty scones and see all the awesome punk bands. Scottish people are officially nicer than everyone else.

Shows been updated. Next one up is 21st February (tomorrow!) at The Packhorse in Leeds w/ Big Wow, Real Life Version, SEEHEARSPEAK, BUZZorHOWL.

Here’s the facebook event. Come.


I updated our “shows” section of the page today. First one coming up is at Scruffy’s in Birmingham on 7th Feb. Check it out and see if we’re playing near you over the next couple of months.


January Update - A: gig. A gig.

Hi Blake fans!

We’ve started the new year with a pretty, pretty good batch of gigs coming up so why not talk about them, eh?

First up is 21st Feb at The Packhorse in Leeds, courtesy of Scene Better Days. Thanks for having us on your first show SBD (great abbreviation)! Looking forward to having fun Yorkshire-based times for the first time as Don Blake.

We’ve also got a 3 date Scotland mini-tour with pop punk darlings The Murderburgers (if you haven’t listened to These Are Only Problems yet, do so immediately), starting off at Kage Nightclub in Dundee on 13th March. I finally get to embrace my semi-Scottish heritage and eat all of the rowies: it will be weird eating ones that haven’t gone hard because I have been rationing a huge batch of them my Grandma brought over the border…

Loads of cool bands, it’s gonna be ace.

We’ve got some other gigs booked and a couple of new songs almost ready to be released too so keep an eye out for them!

We’re trying to play as much as we can this year so if anybody wants us to play, fire a mail to donblakeband@gmail. We’re very well behaved and Nigel is now partially house trained.



Now’s a good time to post our Doctor Who song. (It’s called “Blake’s 7” but it’s mostly about Doctor Who!)